Blossom Jewellery and Craft Evening

Craft Eve at Blossom

Blossom – Muckamore Presbyterian

Blossom Ladies







This was my first event taking a craft and jewellery party.

The Blossom Ladies from Muckamore Presbyterian had asked me to come and share with them.

We made flowers from twine, similar to those we use on our Nkateko packaging, and layered them up on canvases with burlap and decorated them with ribbons, stampers and buttons.

While explaining the craft we thought about how we can put our rootsinto God’s Word, be individual, the fragrance of Christ,let our light shine like a sunflower, and how we can support the

ladies in Mozambique as they do this too. It was amazing to see with the same materials how different our individual designs were. Thank you so much ladies!


2 thoughts on “Blossom Jewellery and Craft Evening

  1. Hi Ali, it was a great night at Muckamore and lovely to see how you are helping the ladies be a blessing to those in their local community and family throught their creativeness and willingness and your gifts and talents. It was also a great way to raise awareness of the project. All the best, Lisa.

    • Thank you so much Lisa, it was a real blessing for me to do my first evening like that in such a supportive environment. I learnt a lot myself in terms of doing it again. I will definitely look into that glue you were telling me about. We are always looking for ideas and advice, and you seem to have a lot of knowledge about crafting so any tips are very welcome! Thank you for your encouragment!! Ali

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