Nkateko meaning ‘blessing’ is a project encouraging Mozambicans to grow in faith and equipping them with opportunities to provide for themselves and their families through the teaching and making of jewellery and and crafts. This is done through meeting once a month to learn new skills, build friendships and engage in Bible study.

Genesis 12.2  …I will bless you … and you will be a blessing

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The crafts these remarkable individuals create are available for sale in the UK in shops, online, at events and through jewellery parties. We are always seeking opportunities to raise the profile of Nkateko at events and would love to hear from you! Click here

In the UK we operate as a social enterprise selling the items to enable this project to continue to bless people in Mozambique.





Kutsaka Necklace £10

DSC_0600Black and Red Coaster £2.50



Lirandzo Necklace £9

DSC_0607Pink and Maroon Earrings £5



Papila Necklace £6


Taupe & Brown Broach £5.50